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Unity for - 3d Character Animators/Riggers & Zbrush Artists/3d Character Modellers




I am a 3d Character Animator,Rigger, Sculptor, 3d Modeller,Zbrush Artist. I come from an animation and character design background and really want to see Unity provide more for the Artistic User.

If you come from a modelling and animation background it has probably taken 10+ years to understand your industry and skill set properly.

Most probably with continual learning and keeping up to date, you haven't had time to learn programming and become proficient.

Or the other scenario is you come from an Artistic back ground and hate programming and don't want to have to learn it..

When you break games down into a basic concept:

There is a landscape to walk around, a character to control, Run Walk Jump Climb, and a health system with inventory of some kind.

For the unskilled programmer or dont have time to learn programming or don't want to learn programming it's not my thing person.

It would be better if there was a system where the Artist could drage and drop his or her own assets into the game engine.

Add his or her own animations and drag and drop their own characters and have the controls and all of the other components already built.

Unity would be better if it looked at different POV's and said where are my customers coming from.. ?

Are they Programmers ?
Animators ?
3d Modellers ?
Zbrush Artists ?

Do they have all of the skills or a couple or only one skill set.. ?

Then cater for all, then there will be no limitation on who can use the product.

Games will sell based on artistic talent and originality rather than who has the most money.

This would allow a erson working in a single room to produce something equally as good as a studio.
and push the skill level and quality standard higher..

At the moment Unity is geared more towards programmers and doesnt cater for the single person who has Artistic skills.

It's more major studios with massive teams or programmers..

I hope this changes.. :)

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  1. 19969d41ffa83d1bcd4bc4232ea5081f?d=mm


    Apr 19, 2018 06:24

    As an artist myself, dealing with rigging and skin weighting, I too am surprised there's a major lack of artistic tools in Unity other than the basics.

    My idea is automatic and manual rigging, skin weighting, dual quaternions, procedural animation similar to CAT Tools in 3DS Max, etc.
    I see plenty of research done by others regarding muscle volume, mass, advanced rigging constraints, etc. and Unity still seems far behind on this.

    We have Mecanim, but I found it ironic the only thing you couldn't do was author or create animation nor rigging within Unity.

    To further that idea, authoring animation in Unity would be a massive integration than just doing it all in a different app and importing something you aren't sure will even work can be annoying.

    You have my support on this! :D

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