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My name is Daniele. I was a 3D Artist for Architectural Visualization and Game Design.
Recently I've lost my sight and of course I'm not anymore able to render and model environments and objects. Anyway I've discovered the world of AudioGames and 3D Sound. In some way this world allows me to continue along the same road I was going before, even if on the parallel rail.

Unfortunatly doesn't exist a Game Engine like Unity accessible for visually impaired.
I'd like to have the opportunity to work with a software like that.

My idea is to make Unity User Interface accessible: it means it can be navigated only via Keyboard and Screen Reader.

I thank you very much for your attention.

Good job


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  1. 9a0dab55f18c28ec8ba351cec3af8e60?d=mm


    Sep 13, 2018 06:55

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  2. 3be2e3034db93b4056cdd0c0daeb6f70?d=mm


    Aug 25, 2018 08:49

    After so many years and nthing has been done? Shows how much they care... With 540+ votes, too!

  3. 93bef491f0a7c162b8f6a4a29a5ebd3a?d=mm


    Aug 16, 2018 14:56

    Why still unity ignoring us like that
    Microsoft made Visual Studio excisable completely why unity don’t do the same

  4. B14410b983fcb6a80a66d3a31845e8af?d=mm


    Mar 04, 2018 10:57

    hi. and nothing has bee done for 3 years as danniel has suggested. so the script on github, what does that do. going to raise this issue with jonathon mosen on the, he has a podcast on and has this mailling list and is the head of braille hardware at vfo group or freedom scientific. and is based in aukland, new zaelanad. going to mention it with him.

  5. B14410b983fcb6a80a66d3a31845e8af?d=mm


    Mar 04, 2018 10:55

    hi. yes, nvda does read the oepn screen. jaws 2018 does not, as using unity and had to open scripts in visual studio 2017. the unity explorer not very accessible. was able to build the project, and then add scenes, and add stuff. but it could be made accessible . the only way this is going to be done, have contacted the developers. not a very high prioeirty. the only way is to contact the national federation of the blind, or american council for the blind, and have littergation to force unity to make their game engine more accessible. that's the only way it is going to happen. same with the unreal game engine. thanks.

  6. B14410b983fcb6a80a66d3a31845e8af?d=mm


    Dec 23, 2017 02:38

    hi, well downloaded and installed, and it is not accessible, have to use my ocr function or the touch cursur in jaws, and even nvda, struggled and should make it more acessible, and when i do use my ocr function in jaws, and then have to left click, but nothing happens, and then trying to set up my account. unity should have keyboard menus, like file, edit, view, options, etc, and help, and web, if using the web, have headings, alt text for labels, buttons, combo boxes, not stupid funky menus, with drop down, and clicable links, they just make extra work for us blind users. and also a accessible way to login, with a link, says login, and a accessible form with standard form fields, etc. please make these changes, or if you have to add on top of that, or maybe the web dlls or web hooks or screen reader dll hooks, please make this accessible. at the moment, there's not really any accessible game engine to code, and one of my blind friends, he is writing code for his own games, which takes up a lot of time and effort. please make these improvements and happy to beta test and happy to sign a nda if necessary. please make these changes yesterday, if possible, if you have the base code already. thanks.

  7. B14410b983fcb6a80a66d3a31845e8af?d=mm


    Dec 20, 2017 09:13

    hi, well downloaded the latest unity 3d 2017, for windows 10 64 bit, and got jaws 2018, and also nvda 2014.1, and it is very poor. cannot click on the option for the account, and it locked me out of the community, saying i was spam and had to contact the customer care, and so not accessible. looking to do a certificate iv game development from and they use unity 5. if there's an accessibility department, has not made any improvements and screen reader accessibility in almost 3 years. so where to send this feedback to. and will any one listen. there's a ui plugin, but as i don't have a credit card, cost $79 per seat. that means my college would have to pay for it or me have to pay. and don't have a credit card or paypal. very poor. they need to be pulled up and make this software more screen reader accessibile. the template is a work around, but should make the editor fully accessible, and even tried it with windows narrator windows 10 64 bit pro 1709, and it struggled. marvin from australia.

  8. 502e957f6c4dc520717f58698ca73745?d=mm


    Dec 01, 2016 13:52

    I created a template on Github that will allow one to develop Unity projects without using the editor for anything but to press play.

    This means that it is theoretically possible to develop Unity projects using a screen reader now.
    Thus saying, the editor is one of the major parts of Unity and it has the ability to be made pretty accessible, the developers just need to do it. So please place all 10 of your votes on this issue each month until the editor becomes usable enough to develop in.

  9. 92b1dced52aab6cc36b012a89496db41?d=mm


    Nov 30, 2016 23:37

    Definitely something that I would like to see as well.
    And the issue list Frastlin posted is an awesome place to start.

    On a quick note: I recently tried the NVDA screen reader and tried using Unity. The project selection screen behaves as you say, and hitting Enter does nothing. But holding the Ctrl key and then pressing Enter seems to always load the last opened project.
    This is not quite a proper solution, but maybe it helps a tiny bit.

  10. 502e957f6c4dc520717f58698ca73745?d=mm


    Nov 17, 2016 10:16

    Yesterday I worked with a Unity developer and we got Unity to be pretty easy to use. We created a template project and wrote a script to get errors outputtted to a text file.
    Here are the things that are accessible with unity:
    1. Menu bar. This is incredible, all the items in the menu bar are accessible. This means we can add objects, open scenes and do anything that one can access from the menu bar...
    2. The different screen titles are read. This means that we know when the play screen is up, when the scene view is up, when the console is up and whatnot.
    3. When one is creating a new project or signing in, the edit boxes are accessible to a point. For some reason NVDA is a little sluggish when typing and navigating, but the fields and whatnot are readable! This means that Unity has the infrastructure to make everything else accessible.

    The things that are not accessible are:
    1. Number one difficulty is the project selection screen that opens when one opens a Unity project. This screen is impossible to get rid of and the file menu is not even accessible from here. The elements and links are readable when one presses the arrow keys, the problem is that when I hit enter on a project, nothing happens. I believe this is a small fix and I would love Unity to make it ASAP as this is the most difficult thing when working in Unity. The only way I have found to avoid the open project dialogue is to hit enter a ton of times until a project opens up. Once one is in a project, they are able to go to the file menu and open a scene from another project. Apparently when one opens a scene.unity file, that scene should show and not the project selection. But in the latest stable, this does not happen for me. I will need to muck around in the settings some more. Also, if one is able to press ctrl+O to open a new scene or get to the file menu, this problem would be fixed.

    2. The console is not readable at all. This means that one is not able to read debug messages or stack traces. So if our program crashes when we press ctrl+p, we don't know that it crashed. I count to 4 before checking any logs. The way Unity could fix this is by making the console a read only edit field. That way we would be able to read bugs right in the development environment. Also, if there is an error, I would like the cursor to move into the console with an announcement, so we know for sure there is a bug. There are two workarounds and both involve reading files. The first is by reading the official logs under%user%/appdata/local/unity/editor/Editor.log. This will show everything including game build stuff. They are a little dense, but one can find the stack trace errors. The other way is by funneling all the debug output to write a file somewhere on your harddrive. We wrote a script to do this and it works for both the debug.logs and the stack traces.

    3. Make the current accessible widgets work better with screen readers. The current widgets for signing in, creating a new screen and opening a new scene are sluggish, sometimes don't register the enter key and combo boxes and password boxes don't read properly when reviewing the contents. The password box says blank, even though there is text and the combo boxes just say "blank" when reviewing the items or contents. Thank goodness there are only a few places where one is required to use combo boxes, like in signup, but signup is required and it requires sighted help. The enter not registering is a lot bigger problem and if it was fixed, it would fix the project selection screen.

    4. Currently it is impossible to tab through the objects in our screen. If we could go to the object screens and either hear the messages (Like no camera loaded) or hear the names of our current objects, it would allow us to attach scripts to them through right-clicking and selecting scripts or whatnot. I don't quite understand how Unity works in this respect, but I know that I can add objects to a scene but I can't attach scripts directly, I have to do it in my script.

    Here is a developer who is working on an accessibility plugin that I hope will become an included part of the Unity distribution:

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