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Change font size in Unity Editor




Please add a setting under Unity: Preferences to increase the font size for the text in the Unity Editor Panels and Tabs. Text recognition is more demanding cognitively than graphics so it would not only help visually impaired, but also tired 20 year olds with perfect vision! Thank you.

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  1. 1671e79f1c352db7d4c6ec64b159f6c5?d=mm


    Dec 11, 2015 04:52

    The fonts looks like a bag of party glitter on my iMac 5K

  2. C1b12b22cdfbd69fa46d244f6ad997d4?d=mm


    Dec 10, 2015 12:45

    How about just picking up the windows clear type setting.

  3. 8d94eedcc244b4f2345b69b83972afdb?d=mm


    Nov 22, 2015 17:22

    I'm fortunate to have good enough eyesight that is isn't a major issue for my use of the app, just an annoyance. When I'm on my high DPI laptop my personal gripe is that I have to toggle high DPI scaling on or off depending on whether I want to do something in Unity that requires me to see the text, or something that requires me running my game in the editor at high resolutions. However, as a basic accessibility feature, not having the ability to simply make the font larger, is not cool. "Unity" is a funny name for an app that excludes people with different accessibility needs.

  4. D0f14502683f51572fbd98a0536e0b13?d=mm


    Nov 05, 2015 09:13

    I cannot use the unity editor because of bad eye strain the little text gives me, even with windows DPI settings up etc. It took me lot of time to write own tool but it will never match unity in features..

    I would even pay for this to be done.
    I would also accept a untested build of the unity editor with the bigger text size even if it wasn't working 100% correctly (like text overlapping in some places etc).

    Please do add this finally for at least some people this is a big deal rly...

  5. 0fb267eec0d79ecfa354071387fb0744?d=mm


    Nov 05, 2015 02:42

    can't agree any more, please add this feature

  6. Ef779a6edae4da4b8894126ec3b9abb7?d=mm


    Oct 26, 2015 13:25

    A great dev tool badly let down by an appalling accessibility feature. I have to use the Windows Magnifier on a 27" monitor regularly just to read the text, an extremely inconvenient and disruptive waste of my time. This is a huge negative for me with regard to using Unity. Changing the screen resolution is not an answer worth considering, as it would cramp my workspace to an unacceptable level. Please, please give this a reasonable priority. Not everyone has bionic vision.

  7. F4f819806c1c6a1dab5add1c3c8755dd?d=mm


    Oct 11, 2015 19:41

    Yup. Confirmed a 29" 21:9 ratio 2560x1080 is also unreadable.

    Sadness. A simple "Increase overall Font Size" would do for now... ;)

  8. E2f3210f4b145fdee743193d4743879a?d=mm


    Oct 11, 2015 00:57

    I agree, it would be nice to increase the font. I am running Unity on Windows and it is unbearably small. It prohibits me from working too long with it. Any consideration to an editor font increase option would be greatly appreciated.

  9. 0002481df4ceb57a7b239b708ce28ba3?d=mm


    Oct 08, 2015 02:32

    With a 4k monitor I have to move it uncomfortably close, it's really hard to believe this isn't supported already. I have a 40 inch monitor too! I really feel bad for anyone with a 4k monitor that's any smaller it would be totally unusable.

  10. 993bf2657ac9c094c7dd7e9a82409b65?d=mm


    Sep 29, 2015 17:04

    Obviously you all know how important this is to everyone. I have a free license so I have no right to demand anything (other than that I am a customer on your asset store and that I advocate for the use of your software when it's applicable in a professional setting. I think that this is unfair to people who have poor vision, but it also punishes people for having high pixel displays. It also hinders people making videos because the text will be too small to follow along in a tutorial, many which are done on large macs. We all know it is on your roadmap, but the sooner the better.

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