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Allow Native Code Plugins for Unity Free




Unity Free license doesn't support Native Code Plugins right now.

This limitation is also preventing publishers in the Asset Store to sell their plugins to the whole Unity Community, meaning that Unity is losing 30% of those potential sales too.
I think this limitation has no sense, because a Unity Free user probably doesn't have resources to pay $1500 for a Unity Pro license, but will more often pay ~$100 for a specific plugin he needs for his projects.

Please, Unity Team, think about it, it would make Asset Store Publishers happy and Unity Free Users happier, besides you will earn more money :)

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Apr 16, 2015

As of Unity 5.0, native code plugins can be used in Personal edition.

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  1. Da38d4cda507f74f642135b56fac9c44?d=mm


    Mar 08, 2015 23:04

    Unity Pro features are now in the free version. Hurray!

    Unity, please set this suggestion to Completed so we can get our votes back :-)

  2. 43f2e540cf3b3b84bddb0239115ed234?d=mm


    Dec 17, 2014 21:06

    I'd settle for native code plugins in the asset store being whitelisted. It's a good compromise. There would be new assets that aren't realistic without that support and Unity Tech has the power to reject anything that would give features to basic they deem should be pro only.

    Approved assets with native DLLs get signed and they'll work in basic.

  3. Bff97b12e7d23a9ea9b65d9bd5cc2623?d=mm


    Oct 24, 2014 20:49

    Whole asset store submission process is experience from Ultimate Hell.
    From web administration tools where you can do almost nothing(advertisement says can track you submission process :) as I coudn't see tickets, changes, conversation, updates, svn...) to rudimentary Unity Editor
    Asset Store tools as part of great automatization process starting with description html super sub sub set, to the need to copy everything in new project so you avoid exporting support packages(like UnityVS… .
    Asset store administration team is so unprofessional and they aren't accessible by other meaning then US based phones. You have feeling that you communicate with the machines and auto generated emails of type:
    “After several declines, you still have not fixed issues addressed multiple times in our responses. If you are unable or unwilling to make necessary changes we are not interested in approving this submission.” I wonder if there task is to help me when I’m unable or just reject me so I need to wait new 3business days (which last more then week, week and half) cycle to be reject with new auto email.
    I wonder how to address issue with “unsafe” errors when Assets bundles can’t include compiler commands gmcs.rsp and smcs.rsp, can’t include Documents.pdf, can’t include .jar plugin, can’t include dll, simple text template .tpl…I hope you would understand the degree of frustration.

  4. 54b8ee2903212e62eea405262f29dd8d?d=mm


    Jul 28, 2014 21:13

    The "an a-la-carte licensing" request was rejected by the Unity team. If they don't do the same with this ticket is because they are probably considering it.

    If not, please, close this!

  5. F9c778f2ae5f4b5fde46d5f1720b4a7c?d=mm


    Jul 24, 2014 18:47

    I had the idea to do an a-la-carte licensing for these features. This way Unity doesn't have to give them away free, and developers can get them cheaper. You can vote for it here:

  6. B3100589c2c5cebec7684f5c265369ff?d=mm


    Jul 11, 2014 07:33

    I would imagine they are not supported on all platforms simply because it would allow the users access to a lot of the currently pro-only functionality simply by passing the work off to native code plugin and then getting the results back.
    But that's just speculation.

  7. B4d6e3e4df77a281410ebec86681302b?d=mm


    May 31, 2014 14:15

    I think there was a bug in pre 4.5 Unity that at least allowed me to use the immersion haptic feedback native plug in. They fixed it in 4.5. It does make for an uneven playground though for developers on different platforms. for example there is no equivalent of AndroidJavaObject on iPhone which makes it impossible to build plugins for it.

  8. 06d317c4ab1b8c0cc5bd4e9c4717ed8a?d=mm


    May 17, 2014 13:00

    Well... I've found a reliable way to do that in existing Unity Free, but I'm really not sure if I should publish that, as the devs will probably block that opportunity too.

  9. 718e0543b3f4792aca11a852c0ac0742?d=mm

    Nicholas Rishel

    Dec 20, 2013 04:42

    Unity's growth is a product of having brought so many developers to the table, it's really a surprise that this next logical step hasn't happened yet.

  10. 3461c51c0fc219c6909a0a1f50da052b?d=mm


    Nov 28, 2013 11:13

    excellent idea! please remove this limitation

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