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Create version of Unity Editor for linux. Related idea: Player / Web Player support for Linux:

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  1. 8d859eed0e0ea35cdf4a444ed11a4414?d=mm


    Feb 28, 2015 14:53

    this is the most voted suggestion with a huge community standing behind it, so please listen and trust in us.
    Unity is the perfect engine for linux-fans. It has a fair pricing and all functions, a indie developer could wish for. It seems like it was made with linux in mind, but unfortunately it wasn't :/

    Unity, go for it! ;)

  2. Adaee5dfe1519fcceae950a8ffefd8e5?d=mm


    Feb 27, 2015 22:02

    +1 for this one. Please make it happen!

  3. 61b390325157af7c3edde8df02ea97f7?d=mm


    Feb 25, 2015 15:20

    Please support GNU/Linux operating systems. I would expect that adding at least alpha stage Linux support would be fairly easy, considering that the project uses Mono and already compiles on OSX. Until I can use this in my preferred development environment, I will seek other options. I very much prefer not to be reliant on Wine as it often introduces undesirable behavior to software.

  4. 283457fa883d093c80d00eb3d8c7d4d3?d=mm

    Samir HARET

    Feb 24, 2015 12:04

    +1, please! Linux is the best!!!!

  5. C6a5a9ae82a70d191ddcc6eb9205fa9a?d=mm


    Feb 20, 2015 20:01

    Or, before you get stuck using another proprietary engine, why not try Godot which is fully Open Source. Sure, it's early stages at the moment, but it's a lot more indie friendly. It's roadmap includes things like reflection probes and an overhaul of the rendering engine. I've been following the progress by compiling from source daily. They seem to be pretty close to schedule so far.

    I think it's also the easiest large software I've ever compiled.

    This is coming from someone who has used Unity since it's 1.0 days. I've already begun and will hopefully be fully switched over to it by the end of the year.


  6. F935752336c9158f1b91806b1bb824e0?d=mm


    Feb 20, 2015 15:22

    If unity doesn't want your business don't give it to them, unreal engine already runs on linux in beta form.

  7. D833cb0bacb7eb5fb3925f5073b8b097?d=mm


    Feb 19, 2015 04:28

    Cuando nos van a confirmar esta implementación, es la idea más votada en su plataforma de feedback. Muchas gracias.

  8. 1ca165e674cb66e2e4252fddb9fae788?d=mm


    Feb 15, 2015 15:37

    I totally agree, that Linux is the best choice for developing. It's sad I have to install Windows to work with Unity.

  9. 0803498847d37b131da69afceef9982c?d=mm


    Feb 14, 2015 22:25

    As a Unity Developer, i would really like a Linux version of Unity since Linux is a very developer-friendly environment, it is fast and stable. I also have to mention that Linux is becoming more popular day by day.

  10. E2e010922f3a436d28666edaced41750?d=mm


    Feb 13, 2015 13:47

    The race for mobile devices has began with Unreal Engine (which permits to develop on linux). If you make it, you will not just have more work to do, but also a very powerfull community helping you to promote and build this wonderfull thing which is Unity Engine !

    Be carrefull, because if Unreal Engine become a sustainable Engine for mobile devices, developpers will change for it (cause it works on Linux). Of course you have the argument that Unity has a better optimisation for low cost devices, but people have more and more powerfull smartphones, so the wind could turn in favor of Enreal Engine (better graphics rendering with Nvidia Chip) because of easier way of development.

    Everyday, linux became a more and more user frieindly os (video games, elementary os, Ubuntu phones) so don't miss this train and do it for Linux ! :)

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